What is a mission group?

A mission group is a small community of believers joining in the mission of our Savior in a lost and broken world. We’ll be learning and practicing what it means to be filled with and empowered by the Holy Spirit to do God’s work in our daily lives. This will include doing books studies, bible studies etc.. 


Who can join a mission group? 

Anyone can join! Our mission groups are intentionally multi-generational, mixed gender, mixed marital status etc… We don’t want to segregate, we want to learn what it means to live together as a family.


What does a mission group look like?

All group times will begin with a shared meal. This meal time will last anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes. After meal time there will be a time to share life together and pray. After prayer will be a time to discuss the current chapter from the book.  


When are the mission groups?

Currently we have three groups one that meets on Tuesday’s at 6pm, Wednesday at 6pm another that meets on Thursday’s at 6pm.


Where are the mission groups located?

groups are located in the Lynnwood area.


Will there be childcare?

Yes! Childcare will be taken care of by the groups. The plan is that members from the group will rotate each week watching over the children. Everyone will be involved in this rotation regardless of if they have children or not.


Why should a join a group?

1) To grow in your relationship with God

2) Learn how to live a Spirit Empowered life

3) grow closer to others in the Terrace FAMILY.